The New Responsible

In the midst of a physical distancing, how do we negotiate our own isolation circles with others’ circles? How do you tell your roommate that you don’t feel comfortable with them bringing their partner/lover into your shared home during COVID quarantine? These are unprecedented times of wanting to be the most responsible at a time when each of us holds different understandings about what that responsibility looks like. Hand-washing and smaller social circles are no longer enough; those are non-negotiable at this point.

Ofuro Time

I’m taking a bath. Baths in Japan are a big deal; entire enclosures are dedicated to them here. A small hand appears behind the foggy glass door and my “nephew” peers in, “How’s the water?” Though he is four, I somehow feel the need to hide myself and, just as

Gladys Avenue Urban Farm

Founded by oceanographic researcher, Captain Charlie Moore, Gladys Avenue Urban Farm is a 250 sq. ft. plot in Los Angeles County that has been practicing organic growing principles for over 25 years.

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