“That’s a wrap!” Conference Season 2021

Goodness my gracious, it’s been a whirlwind of conferences this season! (And, I am so over the different platforms.) I wanted to consolidate all of my recent presentations into one place, in case it’d be helpful to anyone. In fact, I might create a new “Resources” page on my website to also include non-conference materials that may be of use… Stay tuned.

Actually, I lied. Conferencing hasn’t wrapped up just yet, because there’s one more coming up: Open Education 2021. I’m thrilled to be presenting with the cool kids at Rebus Foundation and Pressbooks, on topics like the future (and retention!) of OpenEd folks as well as the subtle divide between OpenEd and Open Research (especially humanities research). But all of will likely be broadcasted over the Twittersphere, so you can follow our conversations there with the hashtag #OpenEd2021.

4S (Society for the Social Studies of Science), 6-9 October 2021
“Making the Relay: microbial relations and the hyphenated practices of fermentation”
Transcript: https://bit.ly/4S2021-Hey-transcript
Slides: https://bit.ly/4S2021-Hey-slides

Food Matters and Materialities Conference, 22-25 September 2021
“Conspiring to be Convivial: how the material practices of fermentation come to matter”
Transcript: https://bit.ly/FoodMatters21-Hey-transcript
Slides: https://bit.ly/FoodMatters21-Hey-slides

STS Italia, 17-19 June 2021
“Tangled Health and the Matters of Concern that Feed Microbiome Research”
Transcript: https://bit.ly/STS-Italia-2021-heymayahey

Just Food Conference, 9-15 June 2021
“Food as Media: how fermentation mediates response-able relations with/in microbiome research”
Slides: https://bit.ly/JustFood21-heymayahey

CCA (Canadian Communications Association), 1-4 June 2021
“Teeming, Teaming, and Conspiring to be Convivial with Microbial Others”
Transcript: https://bit.ly/CCA-2021-heymayahey-transcript
Slides: https://bit.ly/CCA-2021-heymayahey-slides

Uncommon Senses III, 6-9 May 2021
“Making Sense with Microbes”
Slides: https://bit.ly/senses-hey-slides